Maintaining Mental Health

Mental Heath is as important as physical health.  In fact, studies show that the two are fundamentally linked.  Yet, we pay more attention to our physical well being.

We know that maintain physical health requires exercise, a (mostly) good diet,  and regular medial checkups.

So, how do you maintain your mental health?

In order to maintain both your mental and emotional health, it’s vital to stay aware of your own needs and feelings.   Your feelings are not wrong, and usually indicate an issue that you need addressed.  Allowing feelings to build up causes undue stress, which affects you both mentally – and yes physically.

Seek  a balance between what you have to do (work)  and what you want to do (play).    It is important to maintain a good balance between your normal responsibilities and activities you enjoy.

Do things that positively impact others.    Being useful to others and being valued for what you do helps you  build self-esteem.

Set some goals based on what makes you happy.   These goals can be  based on areas of your life that are important to you such as work, family, finances, vacation and so on.  This creates a picture of what you want out of your life.

Related to goal setting is self-discipline.   Self-discipline leads to a sense of happiness and accomplishment, which can help you overcome feelings of helplessness and other negative thoughts.

Learn or discover new things.   Keep your mind active and learning.

Balance and moderation are the keys to mental,  emotional and physical health.